Why should I use On Point Expertise? Founder Zara Watkins is a master at persuasion and she will help you win your argument when you are time crunched, creatively stumped, or need a second set of eyes to review your document. Zara can also rescue your argument when you are facing tense relations with your judge or adversary: she will learn the details quickly and argue it with as much finesse as you would yourself.

Why should I outsource my argument at all?  Because outsourcing is cost and time effective, which leaves you more money and time to focus on growing your practice and serving your clients. Don't get left behind! Join the legal industry trend to outsource specialized tasks, such as legal research, writing, and oral arguments.

How is On Point Expertise different from other outsource services? This is not a document factory or a legal process outsourcing (LPO) company staffed with paralegals and foreign lawyers–those can ruin your argument with wrong answers, sloppy drafting, or lack of creativity. Zara is a Georgetown Law Center graduate with Big Law professional training who has been creating winning arguments for law firms of all sizes in state and federal courts in New York and Florida for more than a decade. On Point Expertise is a virtual associate who you can call for your "higher brain power" tasks.

Which areas of law can you help with? Making great legal arguments is important in every area of law. On Point Expertise has helped lawyers win arguments in matters involving bankruptcy, commercial contract, civil procedure, immigration, landlord/tenant, state and federal appeals, credit and debt, foreclosure, trademark, copyright, trusts and estates, civil rights, Article 78, matrimonial, family, and real estate law.

What kinds of documents have you drafted? Everything from complaints and answers, to motions and oppositions, to discovery demands and responses, to deposition outlines and summaries, to internal memos and letters, to proposed judgments and orders, to reargument motions and appeals. Check out the Samples page for examples of documents written by Zara.

Where have you orally argued? Zara has presented (and won) arguments in the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, the New York Appellate Division–First & Second Department, the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York, the Bankruptcy Courts in the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York and the District of New Jersey, the Immigration Courts in the Southern District of New York and the District of New Jersey, the New York State Supreme Courts in Kings, New York, Bronx, Queens, Westchester, Suffolk, and Nassau Counties, the New York State Surrogates Court in Kings County and the 11th Judicial District State Court in Miami, Florida.

Is your service limited to New York and Florida? No. On Point Expertise has assisted with briefs and memoranda for attorneys in North Carolina, Georgia, Pennsylvania and California, as well as New York and Florida. And outsourcing legal research and writing tasks to out-of-state attorneys is permitted by an American Bar Association Formal Ethics Opinion (08-451). However, oral argument services are limited to the state, federal, bankruptcy, and immigration courts in New York and Florida where Zara is admitted to practice.

How much does it cost? It is impossible to put a price on the perfect legal argument for your client, and it depends on what you need. But to get a general idea of price estimates in generic matters, go here

How can I find out how much my project will cost? Fill out the form here and Zara will send you a project proposal with a price estimate. Estimates are based on the common length of time to complete a particular project and a rate of $200/hour. Project estimates are 92.35% accurate. If it's necessary to exceed an estimate after you sign off on it, your consent is obtained first.

Is On Point Expertise right for my practice?  You should use On Point Expertise only when you need sophisticated legal analysis, effective communication, or the art of persuasion added to your argument. This is not a service for fast and easy answers, help filling out forms, or simple proofreading or edits. Make sure you don't trust your argument to the wrong service, though. Your clients deserve the best–and On Point Expertise helps you give it to them with top-shelf argument making.

I’m sold! How do I get started? Fill out this form (with as much information as possible) and Zara will respond with a project proposal or a request for further information. If you prefer to discuss your project by phone, leave your number as well as a good time to call on the form. Rest assured that all communications are protected by the attorney-client privilege.