My name is Zara Watkins, and I've been making arguments for nearly four decades (since the precocious age of 3).  

My family and friends once thought I was hopelessly argumentative, until they realized making arguments is what I do best. It was only natural that I would end up arguing for a living.

I hung up my e-shingle (in 2007) after honing my legal reasoning and persuasion skills at Georgetown Law Center (graduating in 2003) and as a corporate bankruptcy associate at an international Big Law firm in midtown Manhattan (Torys LLP). That's where I learned to research, write, and analyze from some of the best and brightest in the legal profession. (For more detail on my education and past work experience, see a copy of my resume here.) 

In my opinion, persuasive argument making is a refined intellectual exercise. But it is also an art that requires more than technical knowledge. By focusing exclusively on appeals, substantive motions, and oral arguments, I get to combine my legal persuasion training with my creative instinct to help lawyers and clients with their cases.

I love making arguments but I’m multi-passionate too. I’m an intrepid world traveler having visited 50 countries and counting. Interacting with people from so many different cultures has given me a unique insight into the minds of others, which serves me well when I’m anticipating the argument that will be the most persuasive.

Plus, I’m an avid practitioner of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. In addition to keeping my stress levels down, my decade-long daily seated meditation practice aids in my argument-making by keeping my mind focused and clear. I also enjoy reading novels, gardening, and trying new recipes in my Instantpot. I’ve been preoccupied with how to maintain both a productive career and a satisfying lifestyle for most of my adult life. Sometimes I blog about it all here.

Zara is a legal dynamo who routinely produces arguments of the highest caliber.
— Nick Williams, Sondhi Williams LLP


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