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Thank you for all you do! Your legal research is a solid foundation and your brief writing makes my work easier.
— John Crane, Esq., John M. Crane, PC

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No matter how simple or complicated your legal theory, On Point Expertise founder Zara Watkins, Esq. will turn it into an appeal or motion brief that is procedurally accurate, logically consistent, and grounded in case-law. She is also able to advocate for your client at oral argument, whether she writes your brief or not.

With more than a decade of experience focusing 100% on brief writing and oral argument, Zara writes to win. She is confident that if there is a path to winning your argument, she will find it–and she will present it to your judge(s) in the form that is most persuasive, easy-to-understand, and enjoyable.

Use this service if you:

  • are struggling to identify your appeal/motion issues or communicate clearly in your brief;

  • are too busy to create perfect legal writing (which you need to do to be effective);

  • need to send a fresh face to your oral argument (but can't entrust your client's case to a novice);

  • dread the heavy work that is required for appeals and substantive motion practice;

  • want to work with someone who is as passionate about serving your clients as you are.

Zara will do all of this with ease, so you can bask in the pleasure of being a hero to your clients.

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