On Point Appeals

An appeal is your last chance to convince the judicial system that you deserve to win your case. But winning an appeal requires more than simply repeating the arguments you already stated: you must present your position from the unique appellate perspective. To do that, you need an attorney with expertise in appellate litigation.

Zara Watkins, Esq. has been presenting winning cases before appellate courts for nearly a decade–and she can handle your civil appeal in the federal and state appellate courts in New York for a flat fee rate. Fill in the form below to schedule a consultation about your appeal. NOTE: If you have yet to file a Notice of Appeal, get in touch quickly because your time to do so is usually only 30 days (from the date of the order or decision).

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See examples of appeals Zara has won here. Email her about your appeal herePLEASE NOTE: Zara handles appeals only; she cannot handle your case if it is still pending before the trial courts.


Hi, I'm Zara. I have nearly ten years experience representing clients before the state and federal appeals courts in New York. In addition to experience, I have a ton of passion for what I do: there is nothing I love more than winning an appeal for my clients.

Please get in touch with me here. And you can read more about my education, training, and experience here.