Zara Watkins recently wrote a responding brief and orally argued my case before the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals—and she won! I could not be more pleased with her “Cadillac” service, and her personal style.
— Joseph A. Kinney
I use On Point Expertise when I need to make a strong argument—to the court or my opponent. Zara has helped me numerous times to find good case law, and then to weave it together with my facts so that I end up with a document that clearly explains my client’s position.
— Jay Sharma, Esq., The Sharma Law Group
In a seemingly hopeless case, Zara wrote an exceedingly persuasive memo that convinced the Immigration Judge to exercise his equitable discretion and allow the relief my client was seeking—even when there was little case law to support it. Zara is an amazing writer and researcher.
— Mukta Chand, Esq.
After getting wrong advice from a paralegal service, which caused me problems with pleadings I had already filed with the court, I found Zara’s careful analysis and clear logical reasoning extremely helpful, and it enabled me to put my case back on the right track. Her writing and research skills are awesome, as is her very friendly demeanor. I highly recommend her service.
— Robert Standard, Westchester, New York
Zara’s skills in making arguments have helped me many times. In one instance, she discovered a factual clue, among the many relevant documents, which was key to defeating my adversary’s motion and obtaining excellent relief for my client.
— Dalbir Singh, Law Offices of Dalbir Singh & Associates
Zara does brilliant work. Our office recently successfully opposed a motion for default (after being retained by the client the night before the hearing) because Zara quickly wrote a compelling argument in favor of granting our client an adjournment of time to put in an answer. We could not have done it without her help.
— Archna Sharma, Esq.
Each time I am stumped on a legal research question, Zara has uncovered the answer and provided it to me in a succinct and easy to understand summary. It makes my life easier!
— Ed D'Errico, Westchester, New York
It has been a real pleasure working with Zara. My overseas client is very satisfied with her professionalism, pro-activeness and effectiveness in advocating their interest as a creditor in the bankruptcy case of a Fortune 100 company. I am impressed with the results she was able to achieve.
— Julia Cheng, Esq., The Cyberlaw Studio
I was once dealing with an adversary that refused to even discuss settlement despite the strong factual support for my client’s claims. Zara reviewed the documents and depositions, researched the applicable law, and then combined it all to write a well-organized, compelling motion for summary judgment. Shortly after submitting the motion, my adversary offered a settlement that made my client very happy.
— Jesse Langel, The Langel Firm
Zara’s research is always spot on and her writing brings the arguments budding in my mind to full clarity—with great results. Plus ... she works like a machine.
— Pedram Bidhendi, Atlanta, Georgia
I have worked with Zara on numerous matters and frequently consult with her on strategy. She is extremely insightful and pragmatic, with excellent assessments of her adversaries’ as well as her clients’ positions.
— Noah Potter, Esq., Noah Potter Law
I have worked with Zara for several years now and I highly recommend her. She does superb work that is always ... on point.
— Anne Bodley, Esq., London, England
Zara belongs in the pantheon of legal deities. When the goddess deigns to appear in a matter, mere mortals at the bar tremble!
— Nick Williams, Sondhi Williams LLP